Intellectual Outputs

O1. Development of Remote Program “eHealth – working with people with disabilities”

O2 Development of a didactic electronic manual in eHealth and vocabulary.

O3 Development of a virtual center “eHealth”

O5 Development and application of tests and questionnaires for self-assessment with feedback and guidance for assistance and self-help for children and adults with developmental disorders and their parents and relatives.

O6 Development of a learning environment for patients with disorders and their relatives

O7 Development of training videos, multimedia and presentations devoted to various topics related to working with people with disabilities.

O8 Development of practical exercises by introducing specialized software solutions for the education of students, professionals, patients and their relatives in the field of eHealth.

O9 Develop a set of practical exercises to work with: electrical and chemical biosensors for recording, analysis, visualization, transmitting physiological signal processing applications 2D and 3D biomedical digital images.

O10 Develop 3D reconstruction and creating training modules for demonstration with 3D printer printing.

O11 Development of free software applications for the purposes of telemedicine and domestic surveillance (Telehomecare), meeting the needs of children, patients, handicapped and elderly people with special needs.

O12 Development of a model of self-learning course with test feedback, tables and graphics in eHealth.